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If you want extraordinary growth, then you need to take extraordinary action, and that means exploring your brave. I don't know anyone who has been able to successfully explore their brave from behind their desk, or from the comfort of their homes. 

Why not come on an adventure, either one on one with me, or bring a group of women. I can create experiences that are local and if you are brave enough, we can design one that is global. 


Tasmania - North West Coast and/or Cradle Mountain

From one to 3 days, By arrangement.

The focus for this Immersion will be Refresh, Restore and Reflect.

Your time will be filled with some wonderful 'tastes of Tasmania'. We take guided walks to see nature at its best, and our sessions will be facilitated by various guests who will share their character and creativity.

Global Experiences - Philippines, Africa or Nepal 

From one week to a nine day immersion (including travel)

The focus for these Immersion Experiences will be  Influence & Advocacy across Cultures. From the moment you sign on, you will begin your experience of discovering your brave, with coaching conversations, a reading program and activities that will prepare you for what you will participate in during your immersion in country. This trip will have you visiting life saving and life changing projects. 

Below are some testimonials from a Brave Women trip taken in 2019.

The focus for this Immersion was Authentic Adventure. 

Not for the faint-of-heart,  our adventure took us from

the streets of Kathmandu, out to the remotest of regions where

we experienced women's daily lives and watched them lead their



Cradle Mountain - showing Dove Lake (one of our

walking destinations)

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she hero shot.jpg

Vetty's Reflections on Nepal

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