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All programs can be customised to suit your needs:
Presenting for Results

Do you want to be more confident in your ability to influence outcomes? This program (code named - Speak up!) will help you present yourself and what you have to say in a way that ensures an authentic match between you, your message and your audience. 

Shirley works with small groups in a fun and engaging way that allows them to understand their strengths and fears around presenting. This interactive program will equip you with a variety of tools and tips that will be relevant for your next presenting opportunity.

Participant Feedback:
"We were inspired during this day. People will be more likely to commit to action when returning to their desks."
"This workshop was very important and much needed in my case, as I often present at conferences"
"Absolutely useful and applicable to our industry."
"I liked the activities, which relaxed me and allowed me to realise what I can do to make more influence in my presentations".
"Just  loved it, the whole company will really benefit."
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