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Shirley is in demand for her specialised coaching programs. Her clientele come from a variety of Government, Business and Not-For-Profit sectors.

They are  from the Senior, Executive, CEO or Board levels and are considered “high performers” by those around them.


These individuals often admit that they have lost some of the “thrill” in their work and are usually at a stage in their lives where they want to find what their next phase of life and career bravery is; without losing all the trappings of success that they currently have (of course!) For more information click below.


Executive Mentoring/Coaching:

Successful leaders need to be self-aware, to know their strengths and how to maximise them in the context of the current market conditions.  In addition, they need to have a clear idea of where they are heading, what they need to achieve and how they will achieve their aims.

Shirley can assist you or your organisation by:

  • Designing and implementing coaching/mentoring programs.

  • Conducting Individual Brand and Career Reviews and Diagnostics for individual and team coaching.

  • Providing Coaching Support for Emerging Leaders.

  • Provide training for in-house coaches, mentors and mentees.

  • Link coaching efforts to strategic and business plans and  in-house performance review programs.


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