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"When is the last time your heart started to pound because you made a brave decision?

Executive Coaching is designed for individuals who value process, but want results. You want a mentor who has experience in diverse market and organisational settings (organic and bureaucratic), and you want someone who is smart enough to know when to switch 'appropriately' from coaching to mentoring to consulting (and to know the difference).

You are not frightened of assessment and accountability, however you are ready for the next level of mastery. 

Finally, you want someone who will get in, eg quickly establishing your personal coaching framework. To then work hard with you, and then when you are done, they will get out.

Depending on the competence and self awareness of the individual, programs can range from 6 - 12 months. In some cases they may start with a Readiness Assessment, in other cases, they will be pure coaching, based on the most critical issue or opportunity that you or your organisation wants you to work on.

If you wish to assess your eligibility for Executive Coaching (or another Coaching Program), please complete the form below.

Executive Coaching - Readiness Assessment

This assessment will be valuable to you in a variety of personal and professional areas. In conjunction with the framework shown here "Assessing the Business of You" it will assist you to:

  • Courageously lead your projects and your people, or simply take your leadership to the next level.

  • Effectively persuade and influence to get results.

  • Confirm the best way to position yourself and what you have to offer within your organisation, or to the next position you aspire.

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