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Workshops (Face to Face or Remote)

Shirley has experience in facilitating workshops for:
  • Visioning, Strategic and/or Business Planning – Driven by your normal planning cycle, or because of a merger/acquisition, a new opportunity or organisation restructuring.

  • Inception and/or Relationship Management – often held during the inception stages of a new project or new initiative resulting in a Team Charter and Road-map, ensuring that all parties understand the focus, the future, the activities and the benefits.

  • Health Check and Lessons Learned  Reviews – conducted at regular intervals during a project or business initiative, allowing for trend data and early warning systems to enable risk minimisation. Lessons Learned workshops are held either at major milestones, or as part of project close. 

  • Think Tank - Options Workshops - bringing together your brightest thinkers, and helping them to agree on the project/s that can be moved forward for funding.

Photo Credit Anna Kucera

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