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Till Debt do us Part

OK, so we all know that money troubles are quoted as being the biggest trigger for relationship breakdown in the home. But what about in other parts of our lives?

Do any of these things ring bells?

  • Your financial results are not matching the huge amount of effort you are putting in.

  • People are relying on you to consistently perform, and the weight of this responsibility is getting you down.

  • Bonus time is coming, and you are building the ‘case’ for the value you bring, even though your numbers don’t stack up.

  • You didn’t get the pay rise you wanted, and you are seething.

  • Members of your team are not pulling their weight, and that’s not fair.

So you have some options:

  • Bring your team together and invest in refreshing or reshaping the business.

  • Confront your poor performers – or get them out.

  • Get yourself out while you still have some energy and a positive reputation for the work and results you know you can bring in.

Each of the above has a ‘but’ – the biggest one is if you are the business owner – you can’t just walk away!

“If you don’t value your time, neither will others. Stop giving away your time and talents. Value what you know and start charging for it.”

Kim Garst, author of “Will The Real YOU Please Stand Up.”

In my last blog (“Why do people have issues with money”) I spoke about investing time and money to be able to get brave about money decisions going forward. Doing an audit of your money values might help, or maybe you just need to do an audit on key metrics in your business?

Do you know the important financial measures you need to be tracking and are you able to understand how you value and leverage the cost of time? When is the last time you assessed your sell price, and the most exciting of all, what about developing and commercialising a new idea!


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My next blog will focus on ideas – your small ones or that big brave dream that whispers to you from time to time……

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