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Why Do People Have Issues with Money?

One of the most profound activities I have experienced, was during a training program where the facilitator (Dr Stephanie Burns, author of Artistry in Training) had us do an exercise around our values. To help us discover where values come from, she asked us to do a journaling exercise on the topic of money. We had to write a short paragraph on our beliefs and values about:

  • Earning money

  • Spending money

  • Saving money

  • Borrowing money

  • Owing money

  • Having money

I can’t remember what we did with the rest of the exercise, but what I have never forgotten was what I learned about myself and my relationship with money. To say that I had some VERY STRONG VIEWS was an understatement. What was even worse, was how those views have been pervasive in my relationships and my business practise and I am embarrassed to say, they have not always been positive. So I decided to do an audit of my attitudes towards money and matched this against the success or failure of things that were important to me in my business and my relationships. I then had to decide where I needed to exercise some Bravery. The weird thing was: I had to invest time and money – to get brave about money. Both in giving it away, and making it. I soon discovered that it was easy to make brave changes, where they directly connected to my re-assessed values.

So I will always be grateful for that activity, and how conducting an honesty audit in this one area of my life at that time, helped me to make financial decisions that have allowed me to enjoy the making of, giving away and spending money. How is your relationship with money? Why don’t you have a go at the journaling activity, and see what you discover about yourself?

How are your money values impacting the way you make decisions for yourself, your loved-ones, your team or your business? Is it time to get brave about your relationship with money? We May be Able to Help. Together with Kathryn Williams from Kathryn's Mint, we are holding a one day workshop to help you get brave with money. For more information click on the Brave Money tab above.

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